ACS IS A PROVIDER OF HVAC HEPA FILTERS AND AIR CLEANERS (RECOMMENDED BY ASHRAE & CDC). Delivering MERV13+ HIGHER AIR FILTERS for HVAC Contractors, Building Engineers, School District Officials, Property Managers, Hospitality, etc. You can purchase PORTABLE HEPA/UV-C AIR CLEANER(S) and make ANY SPACE a "SAFER SPACE".
A.C.S. Ent.Inc./ACS Filters & Service/Air Cleaning Specialists-Chicago |7117 West Grand AveChicagoIL60707 | (773) 637-0730
A.C.S. Ent.Inc./ACS Filters & Service/Air Cleaning Specialists-Chicago
7117 West Grand Ave
ChicagoIL 60707
 (773) 637-0730
Supply, Deliver, Install, Will CallHVAC Filters | HVAC Belts | Filter Change out Services
HEPA-UV Portable Air Cleaners | Cotton Wood Screens
(773) 637-0730
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ACS is meeting the latest COVID-19 challenges by providing CDC recommendations.

ACS is in the boxing ring to meet the latest COVID-19 filter recommendations established by the CDC as recommended by ASHRAE, the leading authority setting standards for Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation.

Excerpts from ASHRAE documents are seen as ACS’s ‘boxing gloves’ to the virus. We can help Contractors and Independent Businesses, Schools, and Private and Public gathering places, make any space a safer place. Such points being:

  • Using the right filters: MERV 13 or higher, and when not possible the highest MERV allowable by your system.
  • Using Room Air Cleaners to either increase overall effectiveness and protection against the virus or to substitute when filtration methods above are compromised. HEPA and UV filtration highly recommended.
  • DIY-1. When any space has fresh air available from doors or windows, use it to dilute indoor air, reducing the concentration of airborne pathogens.
  • DIY-2. If none of the above is possible, the minimal strategy involves “mixing up the air” to avoid stagnant air pockets in the room; bring in small fans to gently stir up the air to eliminate stagnation and increase movement to your current system.

While nothing is guaranteed, in preventing transmission of the disease, ACS’s part is to provide the filters and air cleaners and doing everything we can with what we know and what we have. Call us to help with your filtration needs and questions!

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Premier Air Filter Supplier In Chicago, IL

ACS's reputation in Chicago and the surrounding counties for the past 50 years is renowned for quality products, low prices, and exemplary delivery and filter change-out services. Our business is relationship-based and caters to your specific filtration needs and style of ordering to make it easy, convenient, and affordable to stay with ACS as your preferred supplier and make referrals in these industries we serve:

Schools and Universities - Private and Public | Property and Real Estate Management Firms | Facility Maintenance Co. | HVAC and Mechanical Contractors | Retail - Including Shopping Malls | Manufacturing Plants - foods to metals | Health Care Facilities | Hospitality Centers
Our products are designed to provide low-energy costs for your HVAC system. 


  • Cube
  • Clean Room Filters
  • Box Filters
  • Fiberglass
  • HEPA Filters
  • Paint arrestors
  • Panels
  • Pleated
  • Pocketed
  • Ridge cell . . . and more!
We also carry Cottonwood Screens, HVAC Belts, and Portable HEPA-UV Air Cleaners.

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Friendly, professional, prompt, and thorough!
  • Fast Delivery to your door, dock, or job site
  • Affordable Filter Change-Out Service
  • Will Call: 6am - 4pm. Located within 5-miles of the Kennedy, Tri-State, and Eisenhower Expressways


  • Chicago, IL
  • Northeast Illinois
  • Southeast Wisconsin
  • Northwest Indiana


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