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ACS Air Filters and Filter Service


When you compare labor costs of swapping out filters, ACS is sure to beat the budget!

Your staff gets busy addressing more important duties. Filters drop in priorities; sometimes left in the stock room well beyond the recommended cycle for change outs.

If you’re an HVAC Contractor admittedly you pay your techs too much to swap out filters. You can reduce job costs by subbing this out to ACS!

ACS Filters & Service is a reputable service company in your area; experienced, trustworthy, reliable & affordable!  

Ask us to provide a quote to change filters out at your location!                           

Industrial & Commercial Air Filter Delivery


ACS delivers! Schedule your filter order and delivery today! We’ll memorize it for a repeat delivery if you like on the cycle you like to keep.

Will Call! Call us to have your filters ready for pickup! We’re closer than you think! 13 miles from downtown Chicago; conveniently located off Harlem Ave about 5 miles South of 90 and 5 miles north of 290!

Need filters at the job site? This isn't special delivery - this is what we do! Contractors call us to complete your filter orders on the spot-no need to inventory!

  • Standard Pleat and Fiberglass in house

  • Custom size filters are our specialty but made to order so expect a 2 week lead time. Ask us to stock them for you - we’ll order in advance to have them on hand when your next cycle comes around!

automated filter ordering



Filters changed in a timely manner protects your equipment from repairs and downtime.

Most of our customers don’t need to remember when their filters are due - we send reminders. And we have memorized filter lists to keep your filters on hand when you need them.

We have newly installed software that helps you order conveniently from past orders! Just sign up for our Secure Portal.


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