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ACS Air Filters and Filter Service


Option #3

Option # 1 In-house staff replaces filters

Option # 2 Your HVAC Contractor include it in his PM agreement

Option # 3 ACS Filter Change Out Service

When you compare cost of filters and time/labor rates, ACS will beat the budget!

Your staff can be too busy to change filters when they’re addressing more important duties. Filters drop in priorities; sometimes left in the stock room well beyond the recommended cycle for change outs.

HVAC Contractor admit their highly skilled laborers could be better engaged in more productive repairs then swapping filters.

There is an alternative to both these options and ACS would like the opportunity to show you how affordable it is to go with Option #3!

Let’s discuss the layout of your HVAC equipment, map out the efficient path of filters-to-system, cost effectively! ACS Filters & Service, a reputable service company in your area who is  experienced, trustworthy, reliable & affordable!                              

Industrial & Commercial Air Filter Delivery


Just need to get filters in house? ACS delivers on your schedule as needed or with advance planning which automates previous orders and keeps them on schedule. Schedule your filter order and delivery today! We’ll memorize it for a repeat delivery if you like on the cycle you like to keep.

ACS offers Will Call, too! In the area? Call us to get your filters on the dock and stop by! Google directions - we’re closer than you think. 13 miles/30 minutes from downtown Chicago; conveniently located off Harlem Ave; midway between the Eisenhower expy to the south and Kennedy expy to the north; access to all western suburbs.

Are you a contractor who needs filters at the job site next day or on a regular basis? This isn't special delivery - this is what we do!

  • Standard Pleat and Fiberglass in house

  • Custom size filters are our specialty but made to order so expect a 2 week lead time. Ask us to stock them for you - we will order in advance to have them on hand when your next cycle comes around!

automated filter ordering



  • Get setup with your filter supply on a schedule that fits your needs and requirements

  • This saves you time through automation - ACS saves your counts, stocks these filters and delivers when it’s time to replenish your stock.

  • Filters changed at a timely manner can improve the air quality in your building and can protect your equipment from repairs and downtime.

  • Imagine you won’t need to think about filter inventory, or ordering; prices and delivery are pre-established! Contact us today! Let’s walk through your filter list together, and the cycles and set up your automated filter ordering!


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